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Corporate Social Responsibility

We Take Our Responsibility Seriously

As the largest commercial vehicle dealer group in North America, Rush Enterprises holds a prominent presence in many communities across the country. We consider it our responsibility to every community we serve to operate with levels of sustainability, community outreach, ethical standards and safety that reflect our leadership position in the industry. Read more about our efforts.

Corporate Responsibility Report

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Striving for Sustainability

We have an obligation to protect our environment and natural resources through sustainable and responsible business practices. Not only do we comply with all applicable environmental laws, we are also committed to improving waste reduction, energy efficiency and responsible recycling. We actively promote alternative energy use in both the products we sell and our facilities. To ensure we comply with applicable laws and our own standards, we have adopted formal environmental policies, conduct regular audits and continuously monitor our energy use and conservation efforts.

REDUCING OUR USE OF POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS. We replaced more than half of our traditional solvent-based parts washers with safer and more efficient water-based parts washers which reduced our traditional solvent usage by 50%. We are also focusing on upgrading HVAC systems to both eliminate the use of more potentially harmful refrigerants that contribute to greenhouse gases and reduce our overall energy consumption. At our paint and body shops across the country, the paint we use contains low levels of Volatile Organic Compounds, which reduces employee exposure to harmful chemicals and minimizes our environmental impact.

IMPROVING OUR OWN VEHICLE FLEET EFFICIENCY AND REDUCING EMISSIONS. The Company continues to seek to improve the overall fuel efficiency of its fleet by transitioning from eight-cylinder engines to more fuel-efficient four- and six-cylinder engines. The Company is also making investments to replace aging vehicles with more fuel-efficient vehicles, including electric vehicles, as well as in EV charging stations.

FACILITATING THE ADOPTION OF ALTERNATIVE FUEL VEHICLES AND TECHNOLOGIES. We are facilitating the adoption of alternative fuel technologies in commercial vehicles. Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies is a leading innovator in the design of compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel systems, including its GreenLync® electronic communication fuel management system.


We are committed to serving our communities and reaching out to those around us. Each winter, we host a food drive, to help end hunger and make the holidays a little brighter. Rush Enterprises employees have donated hundreds of thousands of pounds of food to local food banks, in addition to generously donating their time and resources to many other charitable efforts.

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A Foundation for Ethical Standards

We believe the most successful businesses have a strong corporate culture of values and standards that guide their operations, motivate their employees and build trust with their customers. As a compass for conduct, Rush Enterprises relies on our core values of productivity, fairness, excellence and positive attitude to steer our company to success and to set us apart.

Our core values are embedded in our Rush Driving Principles, a set of established company standards that governs workplace behavior for all employees. We hold our officers and managers to a higher leadership standard. When misconduct occurs, we discipline in a fair and equal manner. If employees ever have issues regarding ethics or behavior, a channel for taking prompt action is always available.

Safety Always

In our business that revolves around transportation and heavy-duty trucks and equipment, respect for everyone’s safety has always been and will always be a priority.

One of our Driving Principles is Respect for Health and Safety. It is critically important that a safe, healthy environment is maintained at all times to help prevent injury and mitigate property damage. Healthy work environments are also free from the threat of violence and the influence of controlled substances. Threats to the health and safety of a team member, customer, supplier or any business partner at Rush Enterprises sites is taken seriously and can be reported to generate immediate action.